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360 Marketing Plus Joins ULTIM Marketing and Webde Family To Expand Agency Services Atlanta

360 Marketing Plus, Webde Family and ULTIM Marketing are pleased to announce that they are officially joining forces under the ULTIM Marketing brand to help businesses grow their brand recognition and sales with customized services that offer measurable results.  With this collaboration, the bilingual powerhouses will be able to offer a full suite of services to their clients that include traditional media buying, digital…

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Email and Text Message Marketing Laws You Should Know

Are you breaking the law with your marketing practices

Email and text message marketing can help brands stay in front of customers and prospects. With the right strategy, these means of communication can help brands connect with consumers in meaningful ways. However, the wrong strategy can backfire, especially when you consider the legal ramifications of ineffective and illegal marketing practices that can lead to some hefty fines. If you own a small or…

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Increase Your ROI By Automating Your Business

Marketing Automation

Staying in front of people with relevant and engaging content is an effective way to gain more customers. But it can be a lot of work. It can also get very expensive very fast. Investing in graphic design, copywriting, video and content distribution via a traditional or digital media can be very overwhelming for the average small business or start-up. Fortunately, there are many…

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Entrepreneur Moms Can Win the Work-Life Balance Game

Working Moms

Are you an entrepreneur and mother? If so you are not alone. Motherhood can equip you with a set of skills that you can apply to entrepreneurial endeavors. Think about it, starting and growing a business is a lot like birthing and raising a child. In the beginning, both are extremely vulnerable and require constant care and attention. As they mature, the priorities shift…

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Three Questions That Reveal and Agency’s True Agenda

Here at 360 Marketing Plus, we believe in partnering with our clients. Being transparent and building trust is a must. We expect our clients to be honest with us and in turn, we commit to being honest with them. But there are key practices that we maintain around three areas that reveal our intentions by the way we do business, not just by what…

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Google Features You Want to Leverage in 2018

If you are a Social Margarita 360° marketing client you probably already know that listing your business on google is a simple way to increase your visibility online. We have outlined a few google features that you want to leverage for your business in 2018. How to get started Adding your business to Google My Business can literally put your business on the map-google…

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Reasons to Love Valentine’s Day

Holidays Boost Sales It is no secret that in the United States, companies love to run sales and promotions around special days, such as holidays. Inserting products and services into traditions surrounding holidays can be an effective way increase sales. The key is to match up messaging for your products and services with holidays that compliment your brand. Think Outside the Christmas Box The…

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FREE Marketing Training

Here at Social Margarita 360° Marketing we offer marketing consulting and implementation services to businesses all over the country. However we understand that many start ups and small businesses may not be ready to outsource their marketing to a third party.  Sometimes it makes more sense for businesses to DIY their marketing. As an Atlanta based agency we noticed that many local Hispanic owned…

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Grow Your Business With LinkedIn

                            LINKEDIN: DESIGNED FOR PROFESSIONALS Most professionals are aware that LinkedIn exists but there is some confusion about what it can really do. Many believe it is just for job seekers and they dismiss it if they are not looking for a job. Others believe it is for professional bloggers so they only use the media when they are researching experts on topics of interest….

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Your Brand: The Predictor of Success

When people start a business they often wonder, what is the first thing I should do? The answer is simple but can have serious implications on the future of your company. The first thing you need to do is create a brand; a brand that will define and position the product or service at the heart of your business. According to the American Marketing…

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