FREE Marketing Training

Here at Social Margarita 360° Marketing we offer marketing consulting and implementation services to businesses all over the country. However we understand that many start ups and small businesses may not be ready to outsource their marketing to a third party.  Sometimes it makes more sense for businesses to DIY their marketing.
As an Atlanta based agency we noticed that many local Hispanic owned businesses were less likely to outsource their marketing, mainly because they could not afford to. So we decided launch a free Spanish language radio program as well as in person workshops in English and Spanish. We were able to help may local business owners get better results from their marketing efforts.
The response was so rewarding that we have decided to expand on our resources for small businesses and DIY marketers to the rest of the country by launching marketing training online. This year we will be offering training online throughout the year on various topics such as graphic design, video editing, website design, email marketing and digital ads and more!
We have decided to offer the first series for FREE via a private Facebook group. The group will be secret and private. Participants can join for free but they must apply online by January 25th in order to be added to the group:
All participants will get access to live training via FB live videos within the group. Participants can also take advantage of personalized support from our team as they apply what they learn each week. The training will last about 30 days and the goal is to help participants learn to DIY their marketing like pros.