360 Marketing Plus Joins ULTIM Marketing and Webde Family To Expand Agency Services Atlanta

360 Marketing Plus, Webde Family and ULTIM Marketing are pleased to announce that they are officially joining forces under the ULTIM Marketing brand to help businesses grow their brand recognition and sales with customized services that offer measurable results.  With this collaboration, the bilingual powerhouses will be able to offer a full suite of services to their clients that include traditional media buying, digital ad campaigns, premium video production, and other marketing services.

360 Marketing Plus

360 Marketing Plus was founded by Margarita Eberline and has a reputation for helping local businesses grow through multimedia marketing strategies.  

“This collaboration was born out of a desire to extend new and improved services to our existing clients,” stated Eberline. The expansion is consistent with the agency’s commitment to innovation. “The marketing and advertising industry is in a constant state of flux and we owe it to our clients to adapt our services to provide them with solutions that will have the greatest impact on their businesses,” explained Eberline.

Webde Family

Webde Family is led by Pablo Morales and has been recognized worldwide for their accomplishments in the digital marketing space.  Their experience includes projects with large brands such as LG, UNICEF, and Coca Cola. The team holds active partnership certifications with Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Bing and HubSpot which have expanded as a result of their collaboration.

“We are excited to offer more local businesses the perks of our digital certifications and experience,” said Morales. Morales explained that they collaborated on digital ads campaigns with 360 Marketing Plus and ULTIM Marketing teams and were encouraged by the results to form a more official partnership. “It is exciting to see the accelerated growth that brands can have when you combine smart strategies with the power of digital search and display advertising,” explained Morales.

ULTIM Marketing

ULTIM Marketing is headed by Homero González, a 19 time Emmy® award-winning marketing and creative director. His team specializes in design, social media management, video production, and media buying.

“We celebrate this new era for our marketing firm and are proud to offer our clients the services needed for their businesses to thrive, all under one roof,” said González. “with our experts working cohesively, we are confident that we will obtain our clients outstanding results in their marketing efforts on a  local, national and/or international level.”

The agency will be headquartered in Duluth, Georgia. This collaboration makes ULTIM Marketing one of the largest 100% Hispanic led, full service, bilingual agencies, in the Atlanta DMA.


About ULTIM Marketing

ULTIM Marketing is a Hispanic led, full service, bilingual, Emmy® Award-winning agency in the Atlanta DMA, specializing in traditional and digital advertising. The agency offers companies a customized marketing strategy and implementation solutions. All digital campaigns are backed by a professional staff that holds active certifications with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing, HubSpot among others. Learn more at: https://www.ultimmarketing.com