How to Look Good Naked Online

It may seem counterintuitive to promote images and posts that portray anything other than your best qualities. But clothing your brand in perfection is actually one of the best ways to get overlooked on social media. Why? People go to social media to interact and engage with people and brands that are interesting and relatable. If your content portrays a brand that is too buttoned up, it makes it hard to relate and respond or buy into whatever you are offering.


But before you go and post on social media like you would a private diary, consider that the other extreme is not going to yield a favorable outcome either. Their is such thing as too much information. In fact, sharing too much of yourself could work against you as well. It is necessary to strike a balance.

Focusing too much on selling can be a problem too. Keep in mind that social media is as much of a commercial area as a coffee shop. If you sell more than you share, people will overlook you or feel uncomfortable and go out of their way to avoid you. But if you focus on connecting with your audience in a meaningful way and work in call to action messages in the proper context, you will experience more success.

Being real and interesting is an art that requires an understanding of your target audience. You also need a way to determine what is going to help you present a relatable brand vs what is TMI. It can be tricky to say the least but here are a few do’s and don’ts that apply to most brands and businesses.


Do Share
favorite things
inspiring ideas
books you are reading

Do NOT Share
actual naked pictures
personal problems
negative comments
criticism of your competition
awkward selfies
distasteful images
offensive posts
brag posts
pictures without comments


You are probably thinking that there are some gray areas here. Terms like “offensive” or “negative” can be relative and may occasionally work well. For instance, sometimes sharing a personal problem you are having can be effective if you can present it tactfully as something you learned from, overcame or found humorous. It is all in how you tell the story and in the value that you provide others. Story telling is especially important when you consider media such as instagram where the strategic use of key words and hashtags can help your target customers find you. If you want to experience success on social media by being your raw self it is important to be interesting, relatable and likable.

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